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Graduation Requirements

  1. The minimum graduation credit hours is 6 for doctoral dissertation, 12 for compulsory courses, 9 for elective courses, and 27 in total.

    Among them, a minimum of 21 credit hours must be taken from the courses listed in the curriculum and up to 6 credit hours can be taken from relevant courses offered by the college with the approval of student's advisor.

  2. Every student must pass the qualification examination, graduation qualification review, and doctoral examination (including doctoral dissertation plan and doctoral dissertation review) before they can graduate. A student can choose any two out of four subjects including "Artificial Intelligence ", "Data Science", "Algorithm", and "Machine Learning" for qualification exam within four year period.

  3. Every student must pass a research ethics test from "The online platform of the Taiwan Academic Ethics Education Resource Center" after taking 6 hours of the designated research ethics courses.