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Mission of the AI Ph.D. program

The rapid progress of artificial intelligence technology in recent years has revolutionized its applications in various fields.

In response to the advent of the era of artificial intelligence, Asia University established the Ph.D. program in artificial intelligence in 2018.

Cultivate high-level artificial intelligence talents, and cooperate with various colleges to study the application of artificial intelligence technology to medical AI, finance AI, smart manufacturing, smart agriculture, smart learning and other fields.

Education Goals of the AI Ph.D. program

In line with the school’s development goals and the development goals of the School of Information and Electrical Engineering, courses related to artificial intelligence are offered. Through artificial intelligence as the core, cultivate high-level AI talents with independent thinking, international vision and academic research capabilities in industrial intelligence.

Teaching Features of the AI Ph.D. program

(1) This course combines the artificial intelligence of the Institute of Applied Industrial Technology to create a platform. The course trains students to be able to solve artificial intelligence issues on the platform.

(2) This course combines the teachers of College of Information and Electrical Engineering,  recruits outstanding teachers, and promotes the professional growth of teachers and students. Provide comprehensive guidance on professional academic research and paper writing for students of the program.

(3) Exchange and cooperation between this program and Taiwan Artificial Intelligence School. The students of the Taiwan Artificial Intelligence School can further research and publish papers using industry issues as the research topics of the doctoral program.

(4) Promote the teaching of all courses in English, strive for innovation in teaching, offer high-level special courses, and build professional laboratories.

(5) Integrate the resources of the School of Medicine and Health, the School of Nursing, the Asia University Hospital, and the Central Asian Union University to fully promote smart health teaching and research.

(6) Cooperate with the government to promote industrial intelligence, and combine with the global smart machinery development center in the central region to fully promote smart manufacturing teaching and research.