National Gate副總裁陳振光(CK Tan)先生演講【工業4.0】

  • 2021-09-17
  • 張夢涵

講 題Title:工業4.0
講者Speaker:馬來西亞National Gate 公司副總裁陳振光(CK Tan)先生
地點Venue: Teams視訊研習,請按一下這裡以加入會議
日 期Date:110年10月14日(四)
時 間Time:13:10PM-15:00PM


With over 40 years direct experience in various industries, specifically
in electronics manufacturing, semiconductor, turnkey EMS /CM &
strong entrepreneurship in own-designed product development.
CK brings with him a diverse and superior knowledge in leading
technologies, and excelling in managing complexities in products,
people and business.


Key Credentials
• Vice President, NationGate Solution Sdn Bhd,( EMS / Contract Manufacturer )
• Founder cum Managing Director, ANS Sdn Bhd,( LED Lighting OBM )
• Sr Operations Manager, Freescale Semiconductor Malaysia
• General Manager, GEM ( Suzhou, China)( a Malaysian owned Education Management Corporation )
• Founder/ MD, Amquest Sdn. Bhd ( TV STB multimedia player OBM)
• Founding General Manager, Globetronics Technology Bhd.( Semiconductor IC Packaging Assembly /Test Foundry )
• IC Packaging Assembly Engineering Manager, Intel (Malaysia)