AU’s Elite Programming Team Won 19 Awards in National AI Competition

  • 2022-03-28
  • kyle


A Group Photo of President Jeffrey Tsai and studentsPresident Jeffrey Tsai (center) took a group photo with advisors and students.

AU’s Elite Programming Team won 19 awards in various national AI-related competitions. President Jeffrey Tsai attended the celebration party and lauded the participating students for their excellent performances competing with students from other renowned national universities and industries. President Tsai promised to invite more AI specialists to share their experiences with students in the hope that they can have even better performance the following year.

As the application of artificial intelligence grows rapidly in many fields, the facility with computer programming and project development are in great demand. President Tsai points out that AU endeavors to build up a smart campus and promote AI education, and therefore he hopes that the Elite Programming Team can utilize the AI technology to improve the quality of our daily lives.

This is an imageMr. En-Lun Yu presented his project to President Tsai.

The Elite Programming Team has so far performed quite well in many AI-related competitions. Mr. Han-Hsuan N Ling, under the supervision of Professor Whai-En Chen, Director of Office of Information and Communication Technology, won first place with his project, “New Intelligent Pig Farm,” in 2021 International ICT Innovative Services Awards, InnoServe Awards held jointly by the Ministry of Economic Affairs and the Ministry of Education. This innovative pig farming project also won first place of Information Application Group and first place of Asia Silicon Valley Smart Innovation Group, with a total of 120,000 NT dollars.

“Applications of AI in Traffic,” designed by Ms. Yen-Yu Lu and Mr. Hsiang-Yu Tsai and supervised by professor Ching-Ta Lu, CEO of Elite Programming Team, won third place in the category of “Digital Sustainability Division.” The team also won a special award for “Interdisciplinary Integration,” and three “Honorable Mention” awards in the national competition organized by the Ministry of Education.


“AI Traffic-- Campus Parking Web,” designed by Ms. Pei-Ling Liao, Ms. Yen-Yu Lu and Mr. Hsiang-Yu Tsai, received an “Honorable mention award” in 2021 Chunghua Telecom 5G Innovation Application Contest. The project of “Implementation of an Automatic Music Sheet Generation System: MusicE,” designed by Mr. En-Lun Yu, Ms. Yu-Ching Yang and Ms. Wen-Jei Liao, received the award of “Honorable Mention of the Information Application” in 2021 International ICT Innovative Services Contest.

“AI Understanding” project, designed by Ms. Yen-Yu Lu and Ms. Hsin-Yu Pan, and supervised by professor Chun-Yi Lin from the Department of Audiology and Speech-Language Pathology, won first place in the category of best popularity award..

This is an imageMr. Kun-Rui Li presented his project to President Tsai.

Professor Charles Wang, Director of the Cloud Innovation School, led a team of nine students who presented their projects in the “2021 Green Idea Invention and Design Fair.” They won two silver medals and one bronze medal with the projects of “Plastic Fiber Filter,” “Intelligent Water quality Monitoring System,” and “Flow Guard: Intelligent Testing Valve for Peritoneal Dialysis.”


Eleven groups of award-winning students presented their trophies to President Tsai, who promised to give more substantial support to the Elite Team in the future.