AU Received 103 Research Grants for College Students

  • 2021-09-10
  • 張夢涵

Asia University received a total of 103 research grants from Ministry of Science and Technology (MOST), ranked No.7 among 160 universities in Taiwan, in its application for “Research Grants for College Students” this year.  In terms of project number by per professor, AU’s ratio is 0.29, ranked No.1 in all Taiwan universities.

In seven consecutive years, Asia University has won over one hundred research grants for professors to upgrade and renovate their curricula and improve the teaching and learning environment in general.

Dr. Jeffrey J.P. Tsai, president of Asia University, stated that AU has performed well in various international university ranking systems and has currently focused its academic attention on Artificial Intelligence, Big Data, Fintech and Blockchain.  All these efforts are aimed to establish AU as an internationally known research-oriented university.

He also mentioned that the university encouraged professors to apply for research grants from Ministry of Science and Technology and other institutions, both private and public, so that students could be funded to venture into the interested topics and to do research under the guidance of their professors. The criteria for the application for this research grants for college students include the importance of the topic, research methodology, the feasibility of the project, and students’ academic grades and professor’s research experience and expertise.  He was proud of AU’s performance in winning 103 projects, which in a way represented a great achievement of the university and which would bring substantial support for the students to conduct research and pave the way for their future academic development.

Zhen-Lei Liang, a student from the Department of Science & Information Engineering, has received grants from Ministry of Science and Technology for two consecutive years.  He said that he was grateful for the grants which enabled his research.  He firmly believed that with the accumulated knowledge and experience, he would become a more capable and competitive person in his future career.  Therefore, he would like to encourage his fellow students to look for some possible research topics and apply for the grant with the assistance of their professors.


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