AU Enters the 2021 Academic Ranking List of 1000 Top Universities in the World by Shanghai Jiao Tong University---

  • 2021-08-24
  • 張夢涵


The AI teaching in the College of Nursing is equipped with the only high-end maternity simulator (two-in-one neonatal treatment table), Victoria, in the “Labor, Delivery & Recovery Room” at AU in Taiwan, through the full record of “Smart Birth” with Victoria for trainees to deliver a child.

Shanghai Jiao Tong University published the “2021 Academic Ranking of 1000 Research Universities,” and 14 universities in Taiwan are on the list. Furthermore, both Asia University (AU) and China Medical University (CMU) are in the list, with CMU being ranked No. 237 in the world, No. 2 in Taiwan, and No. 1 in the private universities; and AU making a progress of 189 places this year and being ranked No. 805 in the world, No. 10 in Taiwan, No. 5 in the private universities, and No. 1 in the non-medical private universities.

The Academic Ranking by Shanghai Jiao Tong University is one of the most influential and authoritative rankings in the world, and widely reported and quoted all over the world. Furthermore, this ranking was used by the governments and universities in many countries as a standard to formulate their development goals and plans, and adopt various measures to increase the international competitiveness of universities.

The ranking list includes the top 1,000 universities coming from 2,000 research universities around the world, with CMU and AU being ranked No. 2 and No. 10 in Taiwan and No. 1 and No. 5 in the private universities, respectively. The chairman of boards of trustees of the two universities, Prof. Chang-Hai Tsai, expressed his gratitude to CMU and AU for their efforts in seeking good places in the ranking which is one of the important indicators for international academic research of global universities. This ranking result will encourage the two universities to continue to advance toward becoming world-class universities!

The President of AU, Prof. Jeffrey J. P. Tsai, said that the results of the university entrance test were announced yesterday, and many students apply for AI medical related departments of AU this year. Furthermore, AU promoted teaching, research, and applications of interdisciplinary AI domains three years ago, and the AU Hospital (AUH) was built five years ago to combine the College of Information and Electrical Engineering, the College of Medical and Health Science, and the College of Nursing to create smart medicine and smart care, and then promoter AI teaching in the College of Management, the College of Humanities and Social Sciences, and the College of Creative Design, enhancing the academic research energy of teachers' academic papers, and improving the international employability of students.

President Tsai pointed out that AU has established the College of Artificial Intelligence, with programs of undergraduate degrees, master’s degrees, and doctoral degrees. Furthermore, AU cooperates not only with Microsoft, Amazon AWS, Taiwan AI Academy, Delta Electronics, Inc., and HIWIN; but also with Far EasTone and Trend Micro Inc. based on the AU Hospital to create an AI+5G safe and smart medical field. Furthermore, AU cooperates with Yuanta Financial Holdings, Concord Securities Co., Ltd., and APEX GROUP to learn and use AI inter-field in big data, IoT, and financial blockchain, and set up a “Central Fintech Training Base” in Taiwan for students to practice to be an entrepreneur and to strengthen their employability and education simultaneously.