AU’s Elite Programming Team Won National Award

  • 2021-11-30
  • 張夢涵
Asia University’s “Elite Programming Team” won five awards in the “2021 National Intelligent Innovation and Interdisciplinary Creation Contest in Universities and Colleges.” Students from the Department of Information Communication won third place in the category of “Digital Sustainability Division,” one special award for “Interdisciplinary Integration,” and three under “Honorable Mention.”

Prof. Ching-Ta Lu, CEO of “Elite Programming Team,” said that AU students stood out among 233 competitors.  “Applications of AI in Traffic,” designed by Ms. Yen-Yu Lu, Ms. Hsin-Yu Pan, and Mr. Hsiang-Yu Tsai, “AI Vision-Speech Assistant for the Hearing Impaired,” by Ms. Yen-Yu Lu and Ms. Hsin-Yu, and “Implementation of an Automatic Music Sheet Generation System: MusicE," by Ms. En-Lun Yu, Ms. Yu-Ching Yang, Ms. Wen-Jei Liao, won five awards in total. 

Dr. Jeffrey J. P. Tsai, President of Asia University, sent his congratulations to the Team and encouraged them to design more innovative devices to meet the social needs, especially in the time when Taiwan is facing the problems of severe low birthrate and aging.  “We should make good use of AI technology and invent more intelligent devices to help solve real problems and thereby to fulfill a university’s social responsibility," he said.

The award-winning students were invited to share their experiences with other classmates. Ms. Yen-Yu Lu said that her ideas of the “AI Traffic Light” and the “AI Campus Parking Web” originated from the difficulty of finding a parking space on campus.
As to Ms. Hsin-Yu Pan, her inspiration for “AI Vision-Speech Assistant for the Hearing Impaired” came from the potential need and demand to wear face masks in time of the pandemic outburst.  To cater to the needs of the hearing impaired, she tried to integrate hearing aids with smart glasses which can display subtitles.  This device can help the hearing impaired to receive the message more clearly with the help of the hearing aids and smart glasses.

Co-supervised by Prof. Ching-Ta Lu and Associate Researcher Su Li from Academia Sinica, Ms. En-Lun Yu endeavored in her "MusicE” project to integrate “Omnizart,” an automatic music transcription system for a single instrument, with a music source separation system.  Her device can separate multiple instruments from mixed music through software and can then select human voices and MIDI files of piano and drums. It thus makes it easier for musicians to arrange music and songs.
Their innovative designs are a living proof of the quality education they have received from Asia University.
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President Tsai sent his congratulations to the Elite Programming Team.