AU Ranked 191 in 2021 Young University Rankings

  • 2021-06-24
  • 張夢涵

The Times Higher Education just released this year’s list of the best universities in the Young University Rankings on June 24, and AU ranked No. 191 among 475 universities globally, and No. 3 in Taiwan. The universities are judged across all their core missions: teaching; research; knowledge transfer; and international outlook – to provide the most comprehensive and balanced comparisons available.

Dr. Chang-hai Tsai, founder of Asia University, said that AU celebrated its 20th anniversary this year, becoming the youngest among 17 Taiwan universities listed.  It is a great honor to be listed and confirmed for its academic performance and teaching excellence. As a young and vital university, AU can make continuous efforts to earn its place as an internationally renowned university.

Dr. Jeffrey J.P. Tsai, president of the university, stated that AU was listed for the first time eight years ago and has been making progress every year as shown on the list.  This achievement proves AU to be a young and rising university on the global academic circles, and consequently opens up more cooperative opportunities with internationally known universities.

President Tsai also pointed out that AU also performed well according to the ranking systems conducted by local media such as Global Views Monthly and Commonwealth Magazine.  The university is becoming popular among high school students and their parents as the registration rate is climbing up to as high as 97.19%, ranked No. 2 among 69 universities of more than 1000 applicants.

AU students have been doing well in academic performance and international competitions of various subjects. AU just received 103 research grants from Ministry of Science and Technology, and students will be aided with more financial support to conduct their research under the guidance of their professors.  What’s more, AU also received 14 million subsidies from Ministry of Education for its application for study-abroad programs. 700 students will be able to go to their intended universities to study as interns or exchange students after the COVID-19 crisis is resolved.